My name is Sadie Vadnais and I'm a radio and broadcast student at BCIT. I'm a boisterous and fun loving person and that really comes through on the air waves. My goal is to reach my audience and have them feel like they really know me.

I'm a music fan but a podcast junkie. I grew up waiting for midnight to I could hear The Shadow on Rock 101, so I've always had a natural inclination to theatre of the mind and talk radio.

Don't get me wrong, throw on a killer album and I'm there till the end. Life needs a soundtrack.


A post shared by Sadie Vadnais (@sadievadnais) on

A post shared by Sadie Vadnais (@sadievadnais) on

But there is more to life than radio! (Wild, right?)

As a British Columbian lady, I'm a hiking, kayaking, mountain gazer. I'm an explorer and simply must camp at least once a summer.

I'm a published poet and natural storyteller. You can catch me putting together chap books or at open mics around the city. Check my calendar if you want to see me preform in Vancouver!

And then there's event co-ordination, which really gives me life! From punk house shows to themed parties, I am in my element down at the detail. Is there an opportunity to play dress up or get crafty? I'm in!


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